The Appointment

  1. The Appointment
  2. Fees

The Immigrant Visa (IV) unit is open Monday through Thursday, 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM for Immigrant Visa processing.

Scheduling an appointment

Applicants will receive written notification from the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), National Visa Center (NVC) or Consular Section, that a petition has been received naming them as beneficiary. It is each applicant’s responsibility to come to the Consular Section for his/her  appointment as scheduled.  If it is not possible to keep an appointment for any reason, the applicant must e-mail AbjVisa@state.govor write to reschedule before the appointment (if sending a letter, ensure it is mailed in time to reach the Consular Section before the appointment date).  If an applicant fails to attend an appointment as scheduled and fails to notify the Consular Section in advance, no action will be taken on the case. Applicants who have missed an appointment should NOT take it upon themselves to appear when it is convenient for them.


The Interview

The applicant must bring all applications and supporting documents on the day of the interview. Any documents sent to the Embassy before the interview by e-mail, fax or other delivery services will be destroyed. The petitioner or the applicant must pay all fees before the interview.  The applicant will be interviewed by a commissioned consular officer.

Visa Processing

If the consular officer determines you are qualified for the visa, the Consular Section will process the case to completion as expeditiously as possible under the provisions of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990, current State Department policy, and good administrative practice.  The process of assembling the supporting documentary package and performing the necessary accountability review normally takes two to three weeks.  The Consular section will inform successful applicants what date  their visas will be ready for pick-up.  We strongly recommend that applicants do not make any travel plans until they have their passport and visa in their hands.