The Appointment

  1. The Appointment
  2. Fees

Scheduling an appointment

Your initial appointment will be scheduled by the Kentucky Consular Center.  It is very important that you do not miss your assigned appointment date.  Visas are allocated by month, and if you do not come to your interview in the month you are scheduled, you may not be able to receive a visa–even if you are qualified. The end of the DV year is September 30th.  At this point, all appointment slots have been taken, and we will be unable to reschedule any applicants for any reason.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must contact the Abidjan consular section at If you are just waiting for an Affidavit of Support from your sponsor or the results of your medical exam, you do NOT need to reschedule. Please still come at the right time, and let the consular staff know what you are missing. For fastest service, please include your name, your case number (If you have it), and the word “Reschedule” in the subject line of your e-mail.

The Interview

The applicant must bring all applications and supporting documents on the day of the interview. Any documents sent to the Embassy before the interview by e-mail, fax or other delivery services will be destroyed.  The applicant must pay all visa fees before the interview.

The applicant will be interviewed by a commissioned consular officer.  The officer will first determine if the applicant (the Diversity Visa winner) is qualified for the visa. Please read the instructions for the Diversity Visa carefully.

To qualify on the basis of your education in Côte d’Ivoire, we require 5 CREDITS or better on the WASSCE or GCE O-level exam (not 5 passes), including English and Mathematics, for the English-speaking zones. For the French-speaking zones we require an equivalent of the BAC or higher.  The officer will tell you if you are qualified, or if will inform you if you require additional documents, follow-up interviews, or administrative processing.

Please do not make any major life changes (such as quitting your job) or travel plans until you have received a visa. We also discourage you from selling all your property or taking any loans you would be unable to repay if you are refused your visa.  Many applicants are refused, and some qualified applicants may not receive visas after their scheduled interview month because their visas are no longer available.

Because the essential criteria for qualification for a Diversity Visa are so straight-forward, applicants must understand that a refusal under this program is final, and will not be reconsidered.

Visa Processing

If the consular officer determines you are qualified for the visa, the Consular Section will process the case to completion as expeditiously as possible under the provisions of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990, current State Department policy, and good administrative practice.  The process of assembling the supporting documentary package and performing the necessary accountability review normally takes two to three weeks.  The Consular section will inform successful applicants what date  their visas will be ready for pick-up.  We strongly recommend that applicants do not make any travel plans until they have their passport and visa in their hands.