U.S. Embassy sponsors 3 on 3 Basketball finals in Yamoussoukro

The finals of the MPSAA 3 on 3 basketball tournament took place on Saturday, May 16 in Yamoussoukro. The Organization for the Promotion of American Sports in Africa (MPSAA) initiated the 34 team nationwide tournament which concluded with 10 teams battling on the final day. The finals were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and were attended by Public Affairs Officer Russell Brooks. He presented the tournament trophy to the champions from Odienne, who overcame Abidjan in a close game. According to MPSAA Secretary General Jeremy Gnalega, the tournament was organized to promote U.S. sports and basketball, specifically, in Côte d’Ivoire. Russell Brooks underscored the importance of sports in U.S. culture and the role of sports in promoting national unity. “Sports brings people and countries together,” he said, committing to support additional initiatives directed toward Ivoirian youth. Each participant in the finals received a gift bag of NBA merchandise, donated by the State Department’s Sports United office, including t-shirts and caps. The MVP of the tournament, Lassina Kone, will also receive an IPad.