Statement on Ivoirian Presidential Election

Ambassador Terence P. McCulley with Ambassador Bisa Williams during the Press Conference (Dept. of State)
Ambassador Terence P. McCulley with Ambassador Bisa Williams during the Press Conference (Dept. of State)

ABIDJAN – The United States Government congratulates the Ivoirian people on a successful presidential election on October 25, 2015. Based on the reporting that we have received, we believe the election was peaceful, transparent, credible, and inclusive.  We expect the results of the first round, when announced, will be accepted by all who contested the election. This is a great achievement for the Ivoirian people.

We congratulate the candidates for waging a spirited and dignified campaign. They have proven that in a democracy, opposing sides can express different political views without resorting to hate speech or calls for violence and destruction.

We also congratulate the Independent Electoral Commission for its conduct of the elections, despite facing many challenges.  We have seen nothing to substantiate either last minute claims that the voter list was seriously flawed or other problems that might cast doubt on the credibility of the electoral process.  Above all, we applaud the engagement of Ivoirian civil society, which deployed election monitors nation-wide, and shared their observations on the process.  The actions of candidates, political parties, institutions, civil society and citizens exercising their civic rights demonstrate clearly that this election was conducted by and for the Ivoirian people.

The U.S. embassy sent some 70 staff members throughout the country to observe the voting, joining international observers from ECOWAS, the AU, the EU and others to witness this historic event.  Côte d’Ivoire and its people should be proud of how far they have come from the post-electoral crisis of 2010-2011.

Although we wait for the preliminary and final results to be announced, the people of Côte d’Ivoire have already won. The Ivoirians who voted in great numbers demonstrated that they want Cote d’Ivoire to turn the page on past conflicts and that the country is ready to resume its traditional role as a political leader and economic engine for the sub-region. As Côte d’Ivoire continues down its path of democratic consolidation and sustainable development, the United States of America will continue to be an active and engaged partner.