Rules of the Competition, “This is My Dream / C’est Mon Rêve.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.(Dept. of State)
Martin Luther King, Jr.(Dept. of State)

A video/photo competition for Ivoirian youth (age 25 and younger, age will be verified) with the theme, “This is My Dream/C’est Mon Rêve.”

Each participant is asked to submit a video (no more than one 30 seconds) or photos (no more than three), along with a short (250 word maximum) description of what the participant feels best represents their “dream” for themselves, their community or their country, keeping in mind the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Video submissions should be no longer than 30 seconds, photo submissions should be no more than three photos.

The winner of the competition will have a meeting and photo with the United States Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire Terence McCulley and be presented with books and information on the life of Martin Luther King.

All submissions should be sent to ABIDJANPAS@STATE.GOV by 23:00 on Thursday, January 22. The winner will be announced on Facebook on Monday, January 27.