PEPFAR Event for Laboratory Equipment and Vehicles Handover to the Ministry of Health

INSP, Adjamé – Abidjan

Madam Minister of Health and the Fight against AIDS,
Director of Cabinet at Ministry of Health,
Director of Cabinet Ministry in Charge of Budget,
Director General for Health,
Regional Health Directors,
Departmental Health Directors,
Representatives  from UN Agencies (WHO, UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, ….),

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me first of all to express satisfaction and my joy to see you gathered here today in this place. We are gathered once again to celebrate the continuing friendship and cooperation between Côte d’Ivoire and the United States.

Madam Minister,

Through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the US Government finances strengthening the health system and the procurement of drugs and laboratory products for implementation health programs. Particularly for programs combating HIV-AIDS.

Our implementing partners, Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) and Governance and Leadership Management (LMG), receive funding to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health to strengthen the logistics management system for health products and health system of Côte d’Ivoire.

Furthermore, the opening of sub-offices of our agencies USAID and CDC partners at the regional level, reflects our commitment to support of benefit to the Regional and Departmental Directorates of Health in the fight against AIDS.

Madam Minister,

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that the Government of the United States of America will continue to provide technical and financial assistance to the ministerial department. We will do this first to develop a better availability of medicines and other pharmaceutical products in health facilities and second, to help strengthen supervision mission of the Regional and Departmental Directorates of Health

This commitment is evident in today’s donation of 22 vehicles to be distributed to two Regional Health Directorates and 20 Departmental Health Directorates worth  800,000 US Dollars.  The donation also comprises  a set  of laboratory equipment worth a total of 2.5 million US Dollarscomposed of 162 CD4 Analyzers, 74 Hematology Analyzers, 132 Biochemistry Analyzers, 713  kits of Laboratory Supplies and 278 Laboratory Furnitures

Now, let me thank the Department of Budget for their involvement and commitment to the success of the procedure of making available these gifts. However, I commend the Ministry of health for its  strong ownership in  in managing these resources because we are bound by time constraints, which can hinder the expected results if we are not careful in efficiently and effectively managing these investments from the American people.

Madam Minister,

The results of the supports at the decentralized level show an important improvement in the health system. I congratulate the team’s efforts for helping achieve these results. I am proud of the fruitful partnership which is translates into by effective technical and financial assistance in order strengthen  the health system pin Côte d’Ivoire.

Madam Minister,

The commitment of the US Government in Côte d’Ivoire goes beyond the provision of ARVs and Commodities to People Living with HIV/AIDS, to the strengthening of the technical platform of Sanitary Facilities, to extend capacity of healthcare providers and the upgrading of Districts Pharmacies. Indeed, we are currently rehabilitating more than 15 Pharmacies of Health Districts to be up to standard of good storage practices.

The contribution of this important support to improve the responsiveness of the Ivoirian health system must result in a better control of the HIV epidemic and also be an appropriate response to other epidemics, such as Ebola.

It is on this hopeful note that I would like to conclude by saluting the importance of your personal involvement in the fight against HIV AIDS in particular and in the improvement of the Ivoirian health status in general.

For our part, we are available to support the Ministry of Health and the Fight against AIDS in current and future challenges.

Thank you.