Trade with Africa

“We must build our trade relations across Africa and help nations that are adding to the freedom and stability of this continent.” President George W. Bush

There’s a growing consensus in both Africa and the United States that open trade and international investment are the surest and fastest ways for Africa to make progress. That’s what you have said; that’s what Congress had responded to. For too many years, the world’s efforts to promote Africa’s development were focused on aid. Development aid is important. In recent years the United States has substantially increased aid to Africa.

When nations close their markets and opportunity is hoarded by a privileged few, no amount of development aid is ever enough. But when nations respect their people, open their markets, expand freedom and opportunity to all their citizens, entire societies can be lifted out of poverty and despair. As America works for open markets and opportunity on the African continent, we will also confront disease and hunger and the violence that undermines progress and hope.

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