Open House at Le Soutien

Bossou Stanislas Aurelien, left, executive director of Le Soutien’s Project Nunsseu, gives bicycles to HIV/AIDS committee members for their prevention and care work at the village level.

The NGO Le Soutien provided an overview of its history and its new PEPFAR/NPI project and a tour of its new headquarters during an open house Oct. 20 for other NGOs, PEPFAR representatives, the news media, and other guests at Cocody II Plateaux 7e tranche.

Bossou Stanislas Aurélien, executive director of Project Nunsseu, outlined Le Soutien’s strategies for promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and testing and providing care for orphans and vulnerable children in 30 villages around Danane, in western Cote d’Ivoire, and in Abidjan. In addition to community sensitization and mobilization by HIV/AIDS village committees and community counselors, Le Soutien is supporting income-generating activities for rural women’s groups, with the objective of involving all components of the community in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Children who are receiving care and support services from Le Soutien participated in the open house, including displaying work by students receiving job training in Yopougon.