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Medical Assistance
November 3, 2022

Medical Assistance

Consular Section, American Embassy Abidjan – Riviera Golf
Address: BP 730 Abidjan, Cidex 03 Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
Website: http://ci.usembassy.gov
Email: ABJAmCit@state.gov

DISCLAIMER: U.S. Embassy Abidjan, assume no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the medical professionals or the medical facilities whose names appear on the following list. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information in the list on areas of expertise is provided directly by the medical professional or the medical facility. The Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information. You may receive additional information about the individuals and facilities on the list by contacting local medical boards and associations (or its equivalent) or local licensing authorities

NOTE: There is no shortage of physicians, dentists, clinics, and hospitals both small and large, though quality varies. Most clinics will only have French services available. Consider bringing a translator to appointments if one does not speak French.  The following is a list of doctors and resources, currently in practice at the time of publication of this list. This list is not exhaustive, all hospital listed offer a wide range of services, and you will need to contact them directly to discuss the specifics about services available.

Hospitals Multi Speciality

Polyclinique Farah
Phone: (+225) 27 21-26-00-93
Polyclinique Farah is located in Marcory down the new bridge HKB. Numerous specialties

GMP (Groupe Médical du Plateau)
Phone (+225) 27 20 22 20 29/07 07 07 00 70
This Hospital is located in Plateau near the great Mosque. Numerous specialties

Pediatric Hospital

Hôpital Mère Enfant de Bingerville
Phone (+225) 27 22 51 15 00

This Hospital is located in Bingerville.  Numerous specialties, this facility offers inpatient and outpatient pediatric services. While the focus of this hospital is pediatrics, adults can be seen for some services such as OB/GYN, infertility and ENT. Please consult their website for additional information.

Public Hospitals

Embassy personnel for clinical care would not routinely use public hospitals called CHU (University Hospital Center). The CHU system has campuses in Cocody, Treichville and Yopougon. The system does, however, have some excellent physician specialists on staff and their expertise could be called upon in certain situations. These facilities would also be utilized in mass casualty situation.


Dr. Anne Bogui – Centre Médical Cardio-Respiratoire
Rue De Jardins 2 Plateaux
Phone : (+225) 27-22-41-38-38 / 27-22-41-88-88

Chiropracter / Osteo-Physiotherapist

Dr. Adèle N’ze – La Maison Chiropratique
Phone: (+225) 07 48 02 12 07


Dr. Jacques Faddoul – Jeceda Building (downtown Plateau)
Phone: (+225) 27-20-21-66-10 / 27-20-21-62-97

Dr. Assamoi – Cabinet Dentaire Franchet D’Esperey (Plateau)
Phone: (+225) 27-20 -30-35-80

Dr. Jennifer Orio – Centre medico-Biologique Fleming (Zone 4 C)
Cell: (+225) 07-07-31-31-53


Dr. Gandhour – Cabinet MONK
Phone: (+225) 07-07-01-51-91


Dr. Gérard Montagnier – Immeuble Nour Al Hayat, Plateau
Phone: (+225) 27-20-21-33-52

Dr. Claude Roy (English speaking)
Phone: (+225) 07-07-37-30-70


Dr. Nadia Kafarani – Clinique Farah
Phone: (+225) 27-21-26-00-93

Dr. Bassam – Groupe Médical du Plateau (GMP)
Phone: (+225) 27-20-22-20-29 / Cell: 07-07-07-00-70


Centre Médico-Biologique Fleming – Zone 4 C
Phone: (+225) 27-21-35-53-15


Dr. Ahmed Khalaf – Clinique Farah
(Works with three other ophthalmologists)
Phone (+225) 27-20-21-97-97 / 27-20-21-20-98

Dr. Duchateau – Hôpital Mère-Enfant de Bingerville (pediatrics)
Phone: (+225) 27-22-51-15-00


Dr. Beugré – Cabinet Dentaire Franchet D’Esperey (Plateau)
Phone: (+225) 27-20-30-35-80

Dr. Sona – Jeceda Building (downtown Plateau)
Phone: (+225) 27-20-21-66-10 / 27-20-21-62-97

Otolaryngologists (ENT)

Dr. Fatao – Nouvelle Clinique Farah (Marcory)
Phone: (+225) 27-21-26-00-93

Professeur Téa Basilide – Clinique St Georges (Angré 7e Tranche)
Phone: (+225) 27-22-01-88-88 / Cell: 05-54-13-00-00

Physical Therapist

Mr. Abou Sylla – Espace Santé Plus (Angré 7è tranche / Plateau Résidence Roume)
Phone: (+225) 05-04 82 20 43 / 27-20-20-58-43


Dr. Marie-Thérèse Trazo – Marcory Pharmacie Tiacoh
Phone: (+225) 27-21-26-30-33 / Cell: 05-60-11-42-75 / 05-05-68-28-62

Laurence Fabre-Welmond – Centre Médico-Biologique Fleming – Zone 4 C
Phone: (+225) 27-21-35-53-15


Dr. Pascal BOGUI – Centre Médical Cardio-Respiratoire
Phone: (+225) 27-22-42-88-88 / 27-22-41-38-38 / Cell: 05-05-83-24-59

Radiology Services

Centre d’Investigations Médicales et Radiologie (CIRAD) – Angré 7è tranche
Phone: (+225) 27-22 52-85-28 / 27-22 50-95-09 / Cell: 05-08-36-24-24

Institut de Radiologie et d’Imagerie d’Abidjan (IRMA) – Polyclinique Farah Marcory
Phone: (+225) 27-21-26-00-93

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