Ivoirian State Television Interviewed U.S. Ambassador McCulley

Ambassador interview with RTI

On August 2, 2016, Ivoirian television broadcaster RTI sat down with Ambassador Terence McCulley for more than 45 minutes in an interview to be broadcast nationally. The Ambassador provided a broad range of views on Cote d’Ivoire’s political and economic situation, described the Mission’s achievements, and recalled fond memories as he concludes his 31-year career. “Cote d’Ivoire has turned the page on the conflict” of 2010-11, he noted, touching on all of Mission Abidjan’s strategic goals and highlighting a range of Ivoirian achievements, including some of the highest economic growth in the world in the last four years and qualifying for an MCC Threshold compact. Now, he noted, the democratic and economic development needs to be consolidated, urging Ivoirians to participate peacefully in the upcoming constitutional reform process. “The United States is with you,” he concluded.