CDC Deputy Director explores his personal history on U.S. Embassy Abidjan’s Hello, America!

Group photo of CDC Deputy Country Director James T. Ham and the participants

Public Affairs Section (PAS) Abidjan’s Hello, America! monthly outreach program held in partnership with Radio Al Bayane, continued on August 9th, with guest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Deputy Country Director James T. Ham as the guest speaker. Ham is a career Senior Administrator with over 30 years of federal government experience, who is currently working on a variety of health initiatives in Cote D’Ivoire, including helping implement evidence-based HIV/AIDS programs that empower governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

During his interview, James spoke about his personal and professional background, including his experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, and the DNA results that traced his ancestry to Burkina Faso. He recounted the experience of working his way through college and urged Ivoirian students to work hard and be independent, just as he had. Additionally, Ham talked about his professional experiences working in several African countries, and more particularly the studies that CDC is conducting in Cote D’Ivoire to support flu and polio surveillance.

Recorded with a live studio audience and broadcast to an audience nationwide, Hello, America! profiles the professional and personal lives of U.S. diplomats, giving Ivoirians insight into the real people and ideals behind U.S. foreign affairs.