Hello, America! radio program Features USAID Program Director

USAID Program Director Corey Hancock with participants

April 27, 2017

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) continues this monthly outreach program with partner Radio Al Bayane, recorded with a live studio audience and broadcast to an audience of 250,000. This month’s guest was Corey Hancock, USAID program director. Corey spoke about his roots in New York and Florida and how the Peace Corps led into a career at USAID. Corey talked about the importance of speaking languages to understand other cultures – he speaks five languages and dazzled the audience with a few words in Quechua and Russian! The audience of university students from the English and Journalism departments asked Corey questions about USAID’s role in Cote d’Ivoire and this provided an opportunity for him to talk about the United States’ development programs in health, inclusive economic growth, democracy and good governance.

Hello, America Radio Program
USAID Program Director Corey Hancock with a student