EducationUSA Brings visiting university to English Access Students

EducationUSA Advisor Nina Toyo during the conference

March 19 – 20, 2019

Even though the University of Central Oklahoma has been successful in recruiting students in Côte d’Ivoire through their relationship with a local university, the University always seeks the guidance of the EducationUSA Center to put them in contact with qualified students. Nina Toyo, the EducationUSA Advisor was called upon by the institution to speak at their conference downtown. She guided students to resources for standardized tests and how to prepare a complete and successful application.
The Advisor also arranged a meeting between the university and the vice-consul.
Finally, the Advisor brought the university to meet with two current cohorts of English Access Microscholarship recipients. The representatives were very impressed with the high-level of English spoken and the attentiveness of the students.
Helping the population to have access to exact information on U.S. higher education will increase the opportunity of young Ivoirians to improve their economic conditions by improving their English and being better prepared to access quality education and readiness for the job market.

                                     EducationUSA Brings visiting university to English Access Students