American Space Felix Houphouet Boigny University



Operation Hours: 9.00 to 17.00 From Monday to Friday

Opened in 2018, the American Space UFHB is a partnership between the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy and the Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

The Space aims to improve mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Côte d’Ivoire, with a wide range of program English courses, book clubs, activities to promote peaceful civic engagement, and others. The themes of democracy, civic engagement and peaceful social change, modelled on the U.S. civil rights movement, are a particularly large focus of the Space. It also contains reference works, periodicals, and a book collection, as well computers for on-line learning and research. American Space provides free access to internet and English learning materials to help patrons to the American Space improve their English skills.

All those interested in learning more about and researching American history, culture, society, and way of life –  not just university students and professors – are welcome at the American Space!

All programs are provided free of charge.




  • Debates: A program for free debate centered around a relevant theme and aimed at an audience composed of the American Corner patrons, university students, Teacher Training School’s students (ENS), and professionals. Debates center on notable English language books and IIP themes. It is a weekly program.
  • Reading Club: Reading Club is program aimed at giving participants an opportunity to improve their pronunciation and reading skills.
  • Learn with songs: Learn with song is a program aims at giving participants an opportunity to improve their listening and speaking skills through songs from American singers.
  • Public Speaking: These activities aim at giving participants an opportunity to practise English speaking through debates around different topics. In doing so they develop concurrently two language skills, listening and speaking English with confidence.
  • Movie-Shows: Movie shows are program aim at promoting American culture by showing typical American movies.
  • EducationUSA: The U.S. Embassy Education advisor periodically presents at the American Space to explain the process of obtaining access to U.S. univerisities and other educational institutions.
  • Activities with Alumni: Alumni of American exchange programs (Fulbright, Community College Initiative Program, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, and others) often organise programs at the American Space. Programs include workshops, discussions and meetings on democratization and elections, entrepreneurship, and many other themes.
  • Celebration of Major American Holidays:  A range of American citizen speakers explain major American holidays and their personal experiences with the holidays.
  • Book Club: This program is where participants discuss books they have read with an audience at the American Space.


  • Hello America on Radio Al Bayane: “Hello, America!” is a monthly radio talk show broadcast on Al Bayane Radio. Interviewing an American diplomat at the U.S. Mission every month, the program aims both to introduce Ivoirian audience to the individuals who work at the U.S. Embassy and give Ivoirans an idea of the work those individuals do at the Embassy.  American diplomats share their life experiences, discuss their work and answer audience questions.
  • Democracy in Progress: “Democracy in Progress” is a monthly radio talk show broadcast on the national Radio de la Paix. With a live audience the program bring expert speakers who focuses on a different theme related to Côte d’Ivoire’s democracy each month. Audience participation makes the program dynamic During this program, speakers talk about current and relevant issues.
  • Hello on RTI 2: Hello is a TV broadcasting program aims at promoting English and American culture through different rubrics such as karaoke with American singers. It is a weekly program.


  • U-Club: Organized by the Yewuu organization (which also runs the popular Voix des Jeunes Program broadcast each year on RTI), the U-Club members organize a range of volunteer and civic activities in order to promote Cote d’Ivoire’s development and peaceful civic engagement. Conducted in partnership with UNICEF.
  • Hip Hop against AIDS: program for English clubs. A singing competition during which participants will be asked to compose a hip-hop song to raise awareness on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Takes place on World AIDS Day in December.