The goal of the American Shelf in Cote d’Ivoire is to educate interested audiences about the United States by promoting the understanding of American history, culture and values. The first American Shelf was established at Ecole Primaire Publique Abattoir (Phillip & Amanda Carter) in Daloa in May 2008. Later, three more were opened in Grand-Bassam at the public library of Centre Abel in 2010, Abengourou at the Public School IEP Abengourou 1 in 2012, and Yopougon at the Municipal Library in August 2013. PAS is planning to open more American Shelves

The American Corners program was initiated in October, 2000 by James Collins, the United States Ambassador in Russia.American Corner are partnerships between the American Embassy and a local host institution. They are designed to promote mutual understanding between Americans and Ivoirians. The Corners are equiped with the latest electronic resources and information services. They all have internet connectivity and serve as a virtual portal to the United States and the rest of the world. Find out more about American Corners here.

The IRC offers internet training each Thursday afternoon. These courses show how the internet can be efficiently and effectively utilized to serve your specific needs. Our American Center Assistant can show you online resources that are related to your subject interests. Advance appointments are required and can be arranged by calling +225 22 49 42 49.

The American Center regularly organizes round table discussions on issues of global and local importance such as democracy, human rights, the environment, conflict resolution, and HIV/AIDS.

Information Technology sessions are presentations that are tailored to an organization and show how these leaders in business, civil society, and government can best utilize the American Center and information to successfully achieve their goals.

The Immersion Program is an introduction to the American Center and its activities and resources for new patrons and target audiences. This program is designed for a group of around 30 individuals and can be scheduled by contacting the American Center at +225 22 49 42 49. The program includes a guided tour of the American Center and presents participants with a comprehensive introduction to the American Center and the online resources that are available to them through a PowerPoint presentation.

The American Center organizes on a regular basis workshops and training covered by IIP goals to Ivoirian profesional audience and more importantly to other colleagues of the West African region.