American Center

It’s the information you need, for the decisions you need to make.

The American Center provides a wide array of information to Ivoirians and Embassy employees on the United States, Cote d’Ivoire, and major global issues. In a world that is becoming more globalized with each passing day, access to accurate, comprehensive, and rapid information, has grown increasingly important.  The American Center offers a variety of services that brings you the information you need to make well-informed decisions. From the over 4,000 books in English and French, to a comprehensive library with hundreds of resources, and expert researchers that can help find the answers to elusive questions, the IRC is your portal to the world.

What does the American Center do?

The American Center provides outreach, information technology, reference and research services on U.S. policy, legislation, and social issues to Ivoirians seeking information about the United States. The subject emphasis is on rule of law, economics and trade, regional security, the environment, and U.S. society and values.