American Shelves

The goal of the American Shelf in Cote d’Ivoire is to educate interested audiences about the United States by promoting the understanding of American history, culture and values. The first American Shelf was established at Ecole Primaire Publique Abattoir  (Phillip & Amanda Carter) in Daloa in May 2008. Later, three more were opened in Grand-Bassam at the public library of Centre Abel in 2010, Abengourou at the Public School IEP Abengourou 1 in 2012, and Yopougon at the Municipal Library in August 2013.

American Shelves provide learning resources for audiences who live outside of Abidjan and cannot otherwise access Embassy Public Diplomacy programming. American Shelves contain American books, American Studies reference materials and computers connected to the Internet.

American Shelves are a partnership between PAS and Cote d’Ivoire host institutions to forge lasting relationship. Under the American Shelf Project, PAS provides:

  • Books, computers, reference and information support through the Information Resource Center.
  • American cultural programs and other activities of U.S.- Cote d’Ivoire interest
  • Training and consultations for local libraries staff.
  • Programming

American Shelves are tangible tools for building a Network of communication and mutual understanding.

• American Shelf Daloa –  Ecole Primaire Publique Phillip & Amanda Carter in Daloa in May 2008:
Manager: Mr. Yro Germain, 07-73-98-86,

• American Shelf Grand-Bassam at Centre Abel/Espace Carrefour de Grand-Bassam in 2010:
Manager: Mr. Ndoulou Armand, 06-05- 47-15,

• American Shelf Abengourou at the Public School IEP Abengourou 1 in 2012:
Manager: Mr. Traoré Alassane, 49-93-07-21,

• American Shelf Yopougon at Bibliotheque Municipale Phillip Carter III, August 2013:
Manager: Mr. Kone Donikpo David, 05 09 98 9,

• American Shelf Grand-Lahou at Bibliotheque Municipale de Grand-Lahou February 2015:
Manager: Mrs. N’Guessan Ahou Allida, 08-10-10-77,

• American Shelf Bingerville at Bibliotheque Municipale de Bingerville, April 2015:
Manager: Mrs. Kouassi Helène, 07-07-97-36,

• American Shelf Korhogo at Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly:
Manager: Mrs. Odo Amena Flora Ingrid, 08-19-60-42,

• American Shelf San Pedro at Bibliotheque Scolaire de l’Inspection Primaire de San Pedro:
Manager: Mrs. Coffi Marie-Christine, 08 13 75 57,