Book of the Year 2019 celebration

Partial view of the The panelists

December 19, 2019

On December 19, 2019, Public Affairs Section (PAS) Abidjan celebrated its Book of the Year 2019 event  on the book ‘Les Femmes qui réussissent pensent  différemment ‘. The American Center patrons and the Book of the Month program attendees selected this book from the ten other titles discussed in 2019. The impact of this book was so positive that various booksellers in Abidjan sold around 305 books just for the event. The discussion, held in French as well as English, attracted about 149 participants including members of women’s associations, business leaders, academics, and journalists. The panelists provided insight into the author’s strategies for success for women today in business, family, and personal lives. This requires developing a vision with a specific goal and embracing risk with a courageous mindset. The participants’ noted that the book is an excellent practical reference for women to take control and address the challenges that could be obstacles in their development.

Book of year 2019
A view of the the Panelists
Book of year 2019
Partial view of the Engaged participants