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African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) Resource Center
February 16, 2021

A critical component under the U.S. Government (USG) Development Assistance Priorities is helping the Government of Cote d’Ivoire (GoCI) to recover economically with increasing diversity, transparency, and inclusiveness.  Cote d’Ivoire, with abundant human and capital resources, has the potential to rapidly re-develop a robust economy.  The USG is promoting economic recovery through efforts to assist Cote d’Ivoire to:  reduce and manage its debt, increase trade opportunities with the U.S., reduce regional transport costs for goods, and attract increased foreign direct investment.

Recently, Ambassador Carter officially opened the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) Resource Center in Abidjan.  AGOA was enacted in May 2000 to expand U.S.-sub-Saharan African trade and investment, stimulate economic growth, promote a high-level dialogue on trade and investment-related issues, encourage economic integration, and facilitate sub-Saharan Africa’s integration into the global economy.

Specifically, AGOA provides reforming African countries that are making progress in implementing economic, legal and human rights reforms with the most liberal access to the U.S. markets available to any country or region with which the United States does not have a Free Trade Agreement.  This enables eligible countries to export thousands of products to the United States duty-free.  It supports U.S. business by encouraging reform of economic and commercial regimes, which will build stronger markets and more effective partners for U.S. firms (for more information please visitwww.agoa.gov).  Cote d’Ivoire regained AGOA eligibility in 2011, and the AGOA Resource Center was opened by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supported West Africa Trade Hub in partnership with the Ivoirian Export Promotion Agency (APEX-CI) to help private and public sectors to understand, implement, and maximize the benefits of AGOA, which will in turn help to expand business and create jobs.  Specifically it aims to:

  • Ensure dissemination of information on export opportunities and regulations to professional associations and businesses;
  • Work with the government structures and the structures in charge of export promotion to implement policies to promote the development of value chains in high export potential sectors;
  • Work with the West African Trade Hub to identify companies ready to export and provide information on market regulations;
  • Provide companies with the right tools, such as market strategies, labeling, product promotion, and presenting at trade fairs;
  • Disseminate trade fair and exhibition information to companies;
  • Support trade fairs and facilitate visits of international buyers and investors.

For more information please contact the AGOA Resource Center located in the Residence Tropique 3, Boulevard de la Republique at 20 30 25 30.