30 senior editors practice journalism skills at U.S.-Embassy sponsored workshop

Public Affairs Officer Daniel Langenkamp, American journalism trainer Lisa Bryant and the workshop participants

July 23-27, 2018

A bloody vehicle crash. A poorly maintained a rural road. A minister’s son. Corruption. How would you put these pieces together into a story?

More than 60 senior editors and journalists in Abidjan and Bouake worked to address just that question during a journalism simulation July 23-24, 2018, organized by the Public Affairs Section (PAS)  Abidjan and led by Africa Regional Services’ American journalism trainer Lisa Bryant. The training covered a variety of essential topics for combatting bias and disinformation in the media, including practical reporting issues related to media ethics, impartiality, and challenges related to social and digital media. At the end of the training, reporters put these skills into practice during a hands-on session where they investigated and then reported on an imaginary scenario where what at first appeared to be a common traffic accident actually turned out to have deeper political implications.

This session equipped leaders of key influential media outlets in Cote D’Ivoire with the skills they need in order to provide the public with the best information possible and to investigate the story behind the story.